Your Personal Hexagram

Your Personal Hexagram

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Personal I Ching Hexagram


There are 64 hexagrams in the I Ching, a.k.a. the Chinese Book of Changes.

Each hexagram carries with it certain energies which are imparted to those with that hexagram. You can find out more about yourself and others through a look into YOUR PERSONAL HEXAGRAM calculated through birthdates.

Find out what your Hexagram is in this lifetime and what it means for you. Find out about the hexagrams of others, and perhaps pffer it as a gift.

What you will receive: I configure your full birthdate to give you your personal hexagram in an artistically rendered visual representation, as well as a list of the basic traits of your hexagram personality & some compatibilites with other hexagram personalities. I work using according to the book “The Tao of Birth Days,” By Denny Sargent.

Sent in a downloadable PDF file you can simply print and frame.

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Full Birthdates are required.


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