To be honest, this ancient oracle is a marvelous mystery even to me.
It is incredibly prophetic and accurate, and like accurate prophesy of old, it carries within it the illumination of the wise ones who loved the world and its inhabitants enough to make sure there was clarity and comfort in the chaos, which is most especially needed in our world today.
One of the best gifts is the gift of free will. However, although we have free will, some things are destined in our lives. Often, we may not be aware of our destinies before they unfold, and because we have certain obligations we've come to fulfill and experiences we've come to enjoy, we have preordained appointments with destiny. The answer, therefore, is yes & no. But we can always change how we feel about it!
Yes. Reincarnation is the rule and not the exception, even for those who are supposed to be residing in a place called Heaven. They too have gotten bored and realized Earth was the place where all the action was, and returned to fulfill their righteous desires and destiny. True Story. See My Photo Galleries.
Yes, He did, actually, but for control purposes, it was removed from the Bible in the 6th century A.D. by the Council of Constantinople. How's that for a kick in the head?
Yes. Twin Flames are the paradigm of creation and are as old as time itself. All souls, and you are not excluded, have a divine counterpart with whom they were born at the beginning of creation. Not all Twin Flames are incarnate on Earth at the same time, however. The Good News: Twin Flames are NEVER separate. As Spirit Souls, they are Ever Near. As Rumi stated, "What you are seeking is seeking you."
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