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Paramahansa Poirot

The rule of law, it must be held high and if it falls, you pick it up and hold it even higher! For all of society, all civilized people will have nothing to shelter them if it is destroyed!

–Hercule Poirot, in “Murder on the Orient Express”

I started a real/reel relationship with Hercule Poirot this year. Towards the end of this year, after doing my daily activities, I looked forward most nights to a wind-down, watching an Agatha Christie Mystery featuring the self proclaimed “Greatest Detective in the World,” Hercule Poirot.

I saw myself in Hercule Poirot because I have always loved solving mysteries. I read all the Nancy Drew mysteries as a girl, and my mother, an antique dealer, found me a vintage Nancy Drew board game one Christmas I will never forget. I was called Lorraine the computer brain in high school and I love deciphering, decoding, and unravelling mysteries, some that still perplex many today.

It is no wonder I saw Yogananda in Poirot as well. Poirot, like Yogananda, had a prominent belly and a brain like a trap. Nothing escaped him nor Yogananda.

Meticulous, impeccable and incredibly astute, Poirot reminded me of Yogananda and myself many times over. Hercule is best known sporting a cane with a swan on the handle. The name Paramahansa literally means Supreme Swan.

Holding up the truth and the law was of the utmost to Poirot, as is to me. The spirit of the law was something thing Poirot was not a stranger to. He understood it, sometime taking the law into his own hands in a most subtle way. Knowing what some characters would do, he allowed them to do it, and did not prevent them. Giving “permission” to a murderer to “say goodbye for the last time” to her son, another murderer, and to walk into her home when Poirot knew she would be killing her murderous son and committing suicide when she got there, he “gave her permission,’ as if he were the last word.

Poirot is really a contradiction in terms, therefore. His famous quote from “Murder on the Orient Express,” signified his heart and soul as he shouts at the 12 murderers who have exacted vengeance on a child killer, a most vile human being, who we might say “deserved it.”

Poirot was a character who had faith in God, and was someone who inspired trust that the balance would be brought back through his influence and assistance.

“The rule of law, it must be held high and if it falls, you pick it up and hold it even higher! For all of society, all civilized people will have nothing to shelter them if it is destroyed!”

With tears in his eyes, abandoning the letter of the law, and in favor of the spirit of the law, Poirot allows 12 people, signifying a jury, who each stabbed the victim, to walk free. He allows that one mystery to remain truly unsolved, by confirming an overly simplistic explanation to the police.Yet, Poirot is overcome with emotion as he battles his conscience siding with these 12 murderers, who symbolized a “jury.”

Walking away with a knowledge of the truth, becoming in essence, number 13, which both signifies Judas, who betrayed Christ, Poirot must have felt such betraying the written law which he had fought so hard his whole life to uphold. The number 13 also represents the Higher Arcana Death Card in the Tarot, which symbolizes an end of a cycle, the end of the old and the birth of the new, and a transformation…

Poirot, a religious man, shows he is truly a spiritual being who is capable of comprehending the ambiguity that lies in our complex lives, and that he is capable of seeing things in a very humane way. The Victims took the law into their own hands, so that justice was implemented and served, however brutal or lacking in hierarchal formality. This could be a very significant lesson for people now, in a time of great injustice being exacted on the populace.

Like the victims in the famous Agatha Christie novel, who organized to exact vengeance and justice on the evil doer, it seems it is time to take matters into our own hands as a collective, as per majority rule.

I am not advocating murder, but for the spirit of the law to exceed the letter to expedite the right, and for people to force their collective will, as in days of yore.

I have always loved the 1974 film, “Murder on the Orient Express,” which I first saw in the theatres as a young girl, but no one will ever be Poirot like David Suchet. He brought so much life to this character and made us love him. Both he and his character cannot be separated. I hope I am able to meet this great actor one day. We seem to have a lot in common.

Like me, I can assure you, Hercule would become highly agitated and angry at seeing such a travesty as this concealment suffocation device with his face on it! He would begin shouting about the lies, the Luciferian agenda behind the scamdemic, and he would not stop until he had declared the utter truth of the matter, shouting for all assembled to hear.

The scavenger element of capitalism will stop at nothing to make a buck even on a suffocation device that will reduce someone’s oxygen intake and uptake of that which ordinarily would be considered waste, all based on a lie that the common cold/flu is more deadly than it is. He would set people straight!

To be honest, I cannot bring myself to watch the last episode where Poirot dies, “Curtain.” And again, I find it “ironic” Poirot dies of heart failure, the same way Yogananda died. I shudder to think somewhere out there some poor unsuspecting soul is wearing a mask with Yogananda on it, or worse, Jesus or the Holy Family!

As the long list of videos featuring Poirot came to a close, 70 episodes and 13 seasons later, I learned something that piqued my curiosity greatly. As they say there are no such thing as coincidences.

Paramahansa Yogananda, who I was in my most recent past life, founded The Self-Realization Fellowship in 1920. What is maybe more than ironic, is that Agatha Christie introduced Hercule Poirot the same year!

Earlier this year, I discovered a photo showing Yogananda devotees celebrating the Centennial of the Self Realization Fellowship, marking a hundred years from 1920-2020. I love this picture to be honest!

What I find super interesting is that David Suchet, the character-actor who brought Poirot to life, was honored this year, 2020, as well. He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in her Birthday Honours this October, for his contribution to the world for his character, Poirot, and for his long acting career.

The first episode featuring Poirot was aired in 1989, which is the same year my daughter was born to me in India. I was not aware of the shows then, but it is a significant year for both parties in this comparison.

Is this all just a coincidence?

Is there really any such thing as one?

Or is it simply Destiny?

Could the universe be wanting people to trust ME more? Because now I can be compared not only to my past life as the Great Guru Yogananda, but also to a possible fictitious life, the life of the Greatest Detective in the World, the life of Hercule Poirot?

If not, then what is this Serendipity? Was she aware of Yogananda? Did Agatha Christie model her detective after him? Wouldn’t it be curious if she had?

Last but never the least, lest we fail to leave the best for last, I learned that David Suchet, who is from Jewish ancestry, converted to Christianity in 1986 after reading Romans in his hotel room. That too was a parallel akin to my life and to Yogananda’s not to be overlooked!

See, Christianity in its purest form is what we are after. Christ consciousness, love for humanity, selflessness, sacrifice, and devotion to the truth is what’s going to take us into the new millennium and to where we want to be as a collective.

I love how good people continue to be honored for their righteous contributions to the world! And it is true, we have to hold up the law, especially now, when it is being trampled by tyranny!But if I can say anything it is this: We are the ones we have been waiting for!

Perhaps this serendipitous discovery was just to elevate me, and help me along in my mission to awaken and empower the world with my own personal message.

Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Matthew 5:15-16

Perhaps it all was to give me hope! Because it sure does.

I hope it gives you hope as well.

I discovered David Suchet narrates the entire Bible and there is a lot to choose from if it is to your liking. I am leaving this here.

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