The Playing Cards

There are 52 cards in a deck of playing cards, and 52 weeks in a year. There are 4 suits in a deck, and 4 seasons in a year. In addition, there are 13 cards in each suit, and 13 lunar cycles in a year.
The list goes on.

Essentially, a deck of playing cards is not only the ancient Tarot, but an amazing calendar, whose timelines are uncannily accurate and whose magic is now here to be discovered in the new millennium.

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to The Book of Destiny

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About Madame Rosa Fortune Teller

The Divine Gypsy

Madame Rosa Fortune Teller is a Mother, Professional Educator, Writer, Artist, and Internationally Known 5-Star Interpreter of the “fabled” Book of Destiny, which is not a fable at all, but actually one of the 7 Seals spoken about in the Bible, in Revelations 10.

Yogananda wrote a poem entitled “The Divine Gypsy,” as he described his next lifetime, as Madame Rosa Fortune Teller, his literal reincarnation! The "Kings of the Lands He'd Roam" refer to the poster-children for the Twin Flame phenomenon, RadhaKrishna, a.k.a. MaryJoseph. Some thought Yogananda was an incarnation of Krishna or Christ, but little did they know why the dude looked like a lady!

See all of the info already laid down beautifully here about Lord Balarama/Mahadev/Christ. To learn more about Twin Flames, click here.


Years of
in this lifetime alone!

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"Madame was wonderful et très très beau!
If you will what you wish then she will support your doing so.
A wonderful mirror. I am staying strong, upright and empowered.
Much Love to you, Madame!"


Madame Rosa's

With the Provided Categories as a Guide, Feel Free to Combine Any and All Readings!

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the Magic!

What is Your Birth Card?

Through Astrology, Every One is a Card!
Some of Us Just Need to Be Dealt With!

Find Out What Your Birth Card and Planetary Ruling Card(s) Reveal About Your Personality and Those of Your Loved Ones!

Get the Clarity and Answers You Seek!

Discover the Fantastic Accuracy of this Ancient Oracle!



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